• Enrolling in the Bible Institute for Credit

    Anyone may apply to enroll for credit in our Bible Institute courses, regardless of whether they are a Christian, and regardless of their church attendance, so long as the person demonstrates a sincere desire to study the Bible and displays an ability to think rationally so that they can comprehend the material and complete the exams.

    Steps to getting credit for your courses:

    1. Send in an application for admission.
    You may mail, fax, or scan in and email your application and pay your application fee.

    Upon acceptance, you will receive notification of acceptance.

    We reserve the right not to allow anyone to enroll for credit if we believe that it is not in our best interests to work closely with that individual. If we do not accept your application, we will refund your application fee. Otherwise, admissions applications fees are non-refundable.

    2. Complete the workbook.
    You may purchase either a hard copy of the workbook or an electronic copy. With the electronic copy, you may still print it out and answer the questions by hand, or you may fill it out on your computer and then email it back to us.

    A. Download the free Foxit reader, unless you already have a paid or professional version of Adobe or Nitro. The regular free Adobe reader will NOT work on our courses. The free Adobe reader will let you print out the workbook on paper, but it will not let you save your answers. Go to: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/  to get your free program.COMPUTER WARNING: We cannot be responsible for any consequences to your computer by your efforts to download this program from the web. We provide this free link to you as a courtesy for your convenience. We do not provide technical computer support for this process.B. GIVE YOUR WORKBOOK A NEW FILE NAME.Once you download your workbook, give it a new name, beginning with its original name and append your own name to the end.

    For example, if you do the correspondence course, entitled Tree of Anger CC, then when you download the file, it will be under the name Tree of Anger CC, but when you open it and start working on it, you need to save it as Tree of Anger – Joe Smith, so that when you email it back to us, we can keep your completed workbook separate from many other students doing that workbook. This will also give you 2 files on your computer: the original left in tact, and your working copy, on which you are filling in the answers.

    Reminder: Always make back-up copies of your files as you go along and store those copies in a safe place. It is very frustrating to do 90% of the workbook and then have your computer crash and lose all your work. It happens. Making a personal back-up copy that you keep for such an emergency does not violate copyright laws, so long as you do not distribute your back-up copy.

    3. Have your Completed Workbook Verified.
    Obviously, we can’t send you a final exam unless we know you actually completed the workbook, and you must promise that you indeed did the workbook yourself (as opposed to having a friend or spouse do it for you or copying someone else’s answers).

    There are two ways to verify the workbook:

    A– You can have it reviewed by a local Christ Gospel Pastor, who will sign the verification form for you. Your pastor needs only to verify that you have completed the workbook; he or she does not need to check your answers.


    B – You can send the workbook in to us. This is necessary if you do not live near an affiliated Christ Gospel Church, or if it’s not convenient to meet with your Pastor. If you have been working by hand on the printed workbook, you will need to mail it back in. Sorry, we cannot return to you your workbook, unless you pre-pay for return postage. But postage gets expensive. If you have been completing the workbook on your computer, then you may email it back in to us.

    4. Return the Course Application and Verification Forms to Us along with your remittance for the cost of the exam.

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